Collection: Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels

Invest in some high-quality dish towels in every material and colour to keep your kitchen and yourself clean. kitchen towels are an essential component of the food preparation process. If you're working on a cutting board or a countertop, use one dish towel to clean it off. Keep a second kitchen hand towel nearby to dry your hands in between washes. Urban Villa provides you high quality, 100% cotton best kitchen towel that are highly absorbent and doesn’t scratch your cookware.

Choose a dishcloth and a kitchen towel set if you need to use more than one kitchen hand towel while cooking. Alternately, stock your kitchen with two sets of flour sack towels and dishcloths—one for drying dishes and the other for food preparation. Use a kitchen dish towel to dry common cookware after the dinner is finished and a delicate tea towel to clean your fine china before washing the dishes. 

To ensure that your dishes are dry and prepared for rapid storage so that your kitchen is never cluttered, keep a set of the top kitchen dishcloths on hand. Our collection of dish towels contains a wide mix of patterns and styles so you can pick your favourite. Discover the diverse collection of long-lasting, extremely absorbent, best kitchen towels at Urban Villa.