Premium Dining Table Runners for a Luxury Lifestyle

Using table runners is the easiest way to make your home decor even more classy and vibrant. Table mats were used as a layer on the dining table to protect from food spills, heat, and damage. But nowadays, it is one of the most important parts of adding a touch of grace to your dining area.

While you host a party or get-together, using a dining table runner is the best way to make your dining area look attractive and playful. Urban Villa provides 100% cotton table runners that instantly uplift the appearance of your dining table. You can explore a wide range of Urban Villa dining table mats and runners available in beautiful prints and various sizes & colours.

Ideal Size for Your Dining Table

Create a fun and relaxed place setting with Urban Villa table mats and table runners. The size of our table runners is 14"x72", which can easily cater to the needs of 4-6-seat dining tables. Dining table runners are the ideal choice to make your space luxurious while still showing off the surface of the new dining table. But if you get bored with your old dining table and want to spruce it up, our beautiful table mats can be a great choice.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Table Runner

Before buying a table runner or table mats for your dining space, you need to consider a few things like fabric, colour, durability and washing instructions. At Urban Villa, we provide table mats and table runners made from 100% cotton, which is highly durable and soft to the touch. Our products are sewn nicely and even, and the material is thick enough that it lays flat without any creases.

Try Urban Villa products to style your homes in a unique way with the exclusive range of premium table runners and table mats. These simple table decorations will uplift the look and appeal of your dining space. Urban Villa table runners and mats are highly durable and machine washable. You can machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle & tumble dry low for better results.

Buying Table Runner Online at Best Prices

So if you are searching for premium dining table mats or table runners to make your home luxurious, explore the exclusive range of Urban Villa table runners and find your favourite pattern & colour that instantly uplifts the appeal of your home. Urban Villa is a one-stop shop for all the kitchen, dining and home decor clothes that help you make your house a "home." Visit Urban Villa Today!

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